Our private saxophone and clarinet lessons start from age 8 onwards. Earlier than age 8, a student typically does not have the lung capacity and strength to handle these instruments. Woodwind lessons are ideal for students who are playing saxophone or clarinet in school, and wish to advance their progress by studying privately.

Woodwind study at the Stouffville Academy follows a disciplined, focussed approach stressing both technique and repertory. Initially, the student will be learning the basics of the instrument, technique and the reading of music. We will introduce technical and conceptual challenges in a progressive fashion to ensure the steady development of musical skills. When a sufficient level of proficiency is achieved, the student will begin study in the Conservatory Curriculum.

The Conservatory Curriculum is designed to provide students with a clear, well-paced path for their musical development. It aims to develop the technique necessary to successfully meet the student's developmental challenges. It will also expose students to the full range of the instrument's repertoire and potential.

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