Royal Conservatory
The Royal Conservatory of Music

Founded in 1886, The Royal Conservatory is the largest and oldest independent arts educator in Canada, serving more than 600,000 active participants last year. The RCM provides a definitive standard in music education through its curriculum, examinations, and teachers. The Stouffville Academy of Music and Dance is a strong advocate of both the curriculum and the participation in examinations. Teachers are registered with the Royal Conservatory in order to prepare your student for success with the curriculum and examinations, in studies including Piano, Voice, Guitar, Violin, and Theory.

The Stouffville Academy of Music and Dance has adopted the curriculum of The Royal Conservatory for all instruments and music disciplines taught at the school.

The Conservatory Curriculum is designed to provide students with a clear, well-paced path for their musical development. The Conservatory Curriculum aims to develop the technique necessary to successfully meet the student's developmental challenges. The Conservatory Curriculum will also expose students to the full range of the instrument's repertoire and potential.

Study in the Conservatory Curriculum will introduce technical and conceptual challenges in a progressive fashion to ensure the steady development of musical skills.

In addition to the Conservatory Curriculum, students are taught and introduced to a range music that will meet or broaden their personal interest, including pop, Broadway, Jazz, and other styles depending on their musical interests.

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