Students can begin singing lessons at age eight. It is important that they have their voices have developed sufficiently and that they have the discipline and commitment necessary for private lessons.

Study of the guitar at the Stouffville Academy follows a disciplined, focussed study of both technique and repertory. Initially, the student will be learning the basics of the singing, breathing exercises, technique and the reading of music. We will introduce technical and conceptual challenges in a progressive fashion to ensure the steady development of musical skills. When a sufficient level of proficiency is achieved, the student will begin study in the Conservatory Curriculum.

The Voice Repertoire Books feature a comprehensive collection of core teaching pieces from the Baroque to contemporary pieces, as well as international folk songs and original selections not found elsewhere. Repertoire has been selected with an emphasis on intrinsic artistic merit, while ensuring technical suitability for each level.

In addition to the Conservatory Curriculum, students are provided the opportunity to learn and develop other musical styles including Broadway and Musical Theatre Pop, Jazz, and others that meet their own personal interests and goals, as well as their development needs.

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