To Register:

In order to begin the online registration process, simply click on the Register Now icon to the right of the screen for dance, music, drama or camp. This will take you to the schedule page where you can view all of the classes available in each of the disciplines.

Begin by selecting a single class in which you wish to register one of your students and click on the Register link beside the class. This will take you to an online registration form. This form will only need to be completed one time, after which you will be able to register any member of your family.

Please complete the required fields for family information and for student number one (the one to be enrolled in the first class you selected). The class you selected will be listed as class number one on the registration page.

You are able to add up to four additional students as well as four additional classes for each student.

To add an additional student, simply click on the + sign under student number two information and complete the required fields.

To add an additional class click on the Search button beside Select Class Number Two. You will be taken to a list of all the classes offered.

You may begin by selecting from the drop down menus the discipline you are looking for (dance, music, drama, camps) followed by the type (ballet, piano, acting, summer) and the age of your student. This will display all of the available classes based on your selection criteria. Select the second class, click on it and it will be added to your registration form.

Once you have completed the selection of your classes and entered all of your students, you must fill out the payment information at the bottom of the registration form. Tuition may be paid by Visa, MasterCard or Pre- Authorized Bank Account Debit. You will only need to provide one of these options.

Once completed, click Submit Registration.

Tuition is calculated annually. It is divided into nine equal monthly instalments for ease of payment purposes only and does not necessarily reflect the number of lessons each month. Tuition payments for fall programming begin September and continue for nine consecutive months, until May, on the first of each month. A yearly registration fee of $25 per student will be billed at the time of registration.

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