Drama Program

Study of Theatre/Acting and Musical Theatre can provide many benefits. First, we want our aspiring actors and performers to have a fun and rewarding experience at our school. We also want students to gain an appreciation of the theatre and the dramatic arts, and develop an understanding of the challenges and opportunities that the theatre can provide. We also hope that their training benefits not only our own in-house performances and productions, but that our students are prepared to audition and participate in school and community theatre programs.

But perhaps most importantly, it is our aim to ensure that students gain skills and confidence that can be applied outside of the theatre world, to their everyday lives today and in their futures.

The Stouffville Academy approaches study of the dramatic arts in two ways. Our 45 minute weekly classes (30 minutes for KinderAct) are focused on two separate areas to enhance the study of the dramatic arts. Often, participants in a play or musical spend a great deal of time rehearsing, without ever focusing on learning and improving their craft. Our program is designed to ensure that students first gain the skills, and then have the opportunity to apply them.

The first area is instructional, ensuring that students gain the technical skills necessary to perform, through drama exercises, vocal and movement studies, fun theatre games, improvisation, and script work. Students will develop their acting skill, learn to think creatively, to take direction, and to express themselves in a supportive class environment that will build their confidence and imaginations.

The second area is performance based, focusing more on rehearsing and staging material. Performance pieces will be selected based on the interests and skills of each performer and everyone will have an opportunity to have a lead role.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are also available for students wishing to improve their overall acting skills, to prepare for specific auditions or roles, or simply as a complement to their group studies. Students considering private lessons are encouraged to speak with our Drama Director to discuss suitability and availability of classes.

Recitals and Concerts

Students will be given an opportunity to perform in recitals, concerts, and events held over the course of the year.

Click here for more information on Performance Opportunities.

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