RAD Examinations

Worldwide there is only one true standard for ballet, the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD). All ballet classes at Stouffville Academy of Music & Dance are based on the Royal Academy of Dancing (RAD) Syllabus. Developed in England over a century ago, RAD combines the best of ballet techniques from around the world.

For information on RAD Examinations, including eligibility and requirements, students and parents are requested to speak with the Dance Director and the Ballet Director.


RCM Examinations

The curriculum of The Royal Conservatory is made available and accessible to students across North America through the RCM Examinations Certificate Program. Examinations are conducted three times each year in more than 300 communities including Stouffville. Each centre has a local Examination Centre Representative whose role is to provide information, assist teachers and students, and ensure a successful examination experience.

Once sufficient proficiency has been achieved at a particular level, students are encouraged to participate in examinations. An examination is intended to be a positive and developmental experience. Practical Examinations are conducted in a friendly and professional atmosphere on a one-on-one basis. Members of the RCM Examinations College of Examiners are chosen not only for their professional qualifications but also for their ability to interact constructively with examination candidates.

Each year, more than 100,000 students across North America participate in the internationally recognized Certificate Program of RCM Examinations.

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