Music Program

Music lessons are a lifelong asset to your child. The lessons learned today will be carried into adulthood and even old age. As much pleasure can be derived from playing an instrument at age eight or at age eighty. If you are considering music lessons for your child, it may help to consider the many benefits beyond simply playing an instrument.

Learning to play an instrument involves use of a variety of segments of the brain including areas housing spatial reasoning skills, emotion, creativity, and motor skills. Music lessons help with focus and concentration. Music lessons also develop memorization skills and can help build confidence and overcome shyness.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are offered for piano, vocal, guitar, drums, violin, saxophone, and clarinet. Other instruments may be available upon request. We have found that private one-on-one instruction allows students to progress at a pace they are comfortable with, and gain the strong understanding of musical techniques. Students can start private lessons as young as 5 years old. Private lessons can begin any time of the year or month so there is no need to wait to get started. Classes begin at thirty minutes in length for beginner students, 45 minutes for intermediate studies, and one hour for advanced classes.

Group Lessons

The Stouffville Academy offers group Singing (Vocal) Lessons as part of our Broadway Musical Theatre program.

Students will gain experience and build confidence in their vocal technique, understanding of how the voice works, learning to sing and harmonize with other voices, and much more! The will be introduced to the basics of music theory and reading. They will also experience performing in a group, have fun and meet new friends. Our group Singing Lessons will also have the opportunity to perform in recitals and concerts.

NO AUDITION and NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE OR TRAINING is required. Everyone is welcome!

Exam Preparation

Students may choose to learn their instrument recreationally and not take exams. However, we strongly recommend exam preparation as a means of measuring progress, and if a student does wish to take an exam, our school can fully prepare them for testing. If students wish they may take optional exams offered by the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM). The Royal Conservatory is a national testing board that is based in Toronto. The RCM allows students to test for certain grades in an instrument or voice.

Click here for more information on Examinations and the Royal Conservatory.

Recitals and Concerts

Students will be given an opportunity to perform in recitals, concerts, examinations, and festival competitions held over the course of the year.

Click here for more information on Performance Opportunities.


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