Dance Programs

Recreational Programs

At The Stouffville Academy of Music & Dance we are extremely proud of our outstanding recreational programs. Our goal is to provide friendly and positive guidance to our students as they learn to develop coordination, grace and physical fitness, and learn to appreciate dance, music and the arts. Our dance program will nurture their creative thinking skills, build their confidence, and provide the opportunity to express themselves through movement.

We have specialized KinderDance programs for students aged 2 to 5 years old which provide our youngest dancers with a progressive, safe, developmentally age-appropriate introduction to dance.

One of the most important aspects of our KinderDance programming is that we do not mix age groups. While it is common practice for dance schools to group 3-5 year olds into a single class, any parent knows that the development and abilities of a 3 year old compared to a 5 year old is significant. We instruct our youngest students by school grade - pre-JK, JK, SK - all in individual classes to ensure the instruction is designed specifically for their abilities. Our KinderDance rooms are equipped with closed circuit cameras so you can watch and enjoy your KinderDancer in action without challenging their ability to stay focused and engaged.

For students ages 6 and over, we offer a wide variety of exciting classes including Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Acro, Hip Hop/BreakDance, Lyrical and Musical Theatre.

Competitive Company

Our COMPETITIVE COMPANY provides aspiring dancers with a well-rounded, safe, technically sound performing arts education, while fostering creativity, and nurturing artistic development. Company members are continually challenged and encouraged to strive for their fullest potential as dancers.

The Stouffville Academy of Music & Dance is proud to be able offer both full and part-time competitive company programs. Acceptance into our competitive company is by audition or invitation. If your dancer is interested in joining our Company, please don't hesitate to contact us for audition information. We can work with you to determine which of our programs are best suited for your dancer, and tailor a program to meet their needs and goals.

There are a number of factors, in addition to age, that are considered when placing dancers within our competitive company. Ability, experience and level of dedication (attendance, work ethic) are all important factors that must be considered, so that each student will get the most benefit out of their training. Because of this, there is some age overlap in each of our companies. Dancers are re-assessed each summer and throughout the year to ensure they are appropriately challenged.

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