It is a wonderful feeling to see your child sit down at the piano and play. Many young children pick up piano technique very quickly and can be offered piano training as young as age five. The piano is a very linear instrument, and is easy for a child to understand the pattern and naming convention of the keys. The piano also delivers instant results for a young musician, as the keys are easy to play.

We are often asked for a recommendation of an instrument for a student new to music. We generally recommend the piano, based on the ease of play, ease of learning, and the fact that the skills gained playing the piano can be easily translated to any other instrument.

Traditionally, the cost of an upright acoustic piano was a barrier to lessons for many families. Today, quality digital pianos are very affordable. However, for young students, inexpensive keyboards will serve their needs for some time.

Piano lessons at the Stouffville Academy follow a disciplined, focussed study of both technique and repertory. Initially, the student will be learning the basics of the instrument, technique and the reading of music. We will introduce technical and conceptual challenges in a progressive fashion to ensure the steady development of musical skills. When a sufficient level of proficiency is achieved, the student will begin study in the Conservatory Curriculum.

The Conservatory Curriculum is designed to provide students with a clear, well-paced path for their musical development. It aims to develop the technique necessary to successfully meet the student's developmental challenges. It will also expose students to the full range of the instrument's repertoire and potential.

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