Dance is ultimately a performance art, and while the study of dance is important, it is in the performance of the dance that many of the benefits of studying dance are gained.

Performance in a public setting will provide a number of benefits to a student. Memorization of the choreography is required. Dancing in front of an audience not only improves memorization skills; it will help a young student overcome the shyness and natural fear of performing publically. This skill will help not only in school but in later life as an adult. Students will also gain the sense of achievement and confidence that accompanies successful performance or examination.

Our annual year-end Spring recital is held in early June. It is held at the City Playhouse Theatre in Vaughan. Dancers at the Stouffville Academy also have numerous opportunities to perform within the community, at our Holiday showcase, at local events such as the Strawberry Festival, and other annual gatherings. Our Competitive dancers perform on a number of stages around Stouffville, including at least one trip to a destination such as Collingwood - great fun for the entire dance family.

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