Too often, students of drama and musical theatre face a couple of challenges. For many performers, a role in a play or musical may only involve a small amount of time on stage, while the 'stars' of the show take up not only most of the time on stage, but also most of the time in rehearsal. This can often be frustrating and dull for a young performer. For those who are studying theatre, it also does not provide an opportunity to apply the skills they have acquired.

This is because most performances focus on a single play or musical. If your child is involved in a production of say 'The Wizard of Oz', it's great if she is Dorothy, or he is the Tin Man ... but most performers end up as Munchkin number one or Flying Monkey number three.

Our performances will contain a selection of pieces from a variety of musicals and plays that will ensure not only that every student gets a chance to be Dorothy or the Tin Man, but gets to be the lead character in a play or musical that suits their interests and abilities.

Our annual year-end Spring recital is held in June at Country Day Performing Arts Centre in King City. Other performance opportunities within the community, include our Holiday showcase, at local events such as the Strawberry Festival, and other annual gatherings.

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